Favorite Sunscreen Picks

These are our favorite natural and less toxic sunscreen picks.  All of these have been thoughtfully researched, and many of them are used daily in our house and on our girls. Even though some of these say for “babies,” they are effective for all ages.

The sprays are easy to use but not aerosolized. They are doctor and mommy approved!

The Babyganic sticks are easy to use and available at most drugstores.

These are the sunscreen sticks in my bag right now. It really is clear and loved by everyone.

Our favorite spray. Goes on fast. Not just for babies!

This spray is easy and great for wet skin.

Thicker than the sprays but excellent protection.

Great coverage for active kids. Just takes a bit more work than the sprays.

This Alba is my older daughter’s favorite sunscreen for camp. It’s easy for her to apply by herself.

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In good health,
Dr. J

J Lee Jenkins, MD, MSc, FACEP is a practicing board-certified emergency physician and researcher in emergency public health. She can also be found on twitter (twitter.com/jleejenkins) and Facebook (J Lee Jenkins MD).
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